TE Exam - Improved performance

The main focus for this release has been on improving the performance. Even though we are far from finished with the performance work, a lot of API calls and cacheing has been improved which will have the following impact:

  • The exam overview tables will load faster

  • Reduced response time in the supervisor overview

  • Actions in the scheduling calendar will be faster

Those improvements will be available to all customer as of calendar week 9, 2022.


Publication improvements

There have been improvements made to the publication feature where exams are no longer cancelled in TE Core if adding or removing child exams. The original publication will still be in TE Core and the status in TE Exam will be “Published, but there are changes” as well as “modified” in the exam overview table.

When publishing again, the current reservations will be updated, and one additional reservation will be made (or removed) if a child exam has been added (deleted).


Table improvements

Columns in the TE Exam tables are now resizing when adding or removing columns in order to prevent horizontal scroll.


Bug fixes

  • Resolved a bug where the “only allow one request per date” didn’t work as intended

  • Resolved a bug in the supervisor overview where sorting on dates in the table created duplications of table rows

  • Resolved a bug where changing a supervisor to “lead” incorrectly changed the email status to “not sent”.