TE Exam Bug fixes

In last couple releases  there have been a few bug fixes;

  • Resolved an issue with scheduling information moving out of table and window on the Exam

  • Resolved a bug that made it impossible to add information in  ”additional information” when an exam had been saved.

    • Included a fix for export information

  • Fixed a bug with all objects not being published when republishing

  • A number of bug fixes for managing Child exams

    • Child exams did not show in calendar

    • Fixed a problem with updates regarding student numbers

  • Solved two bugs regarding time slots.

    • That  ”one off slots” was included in scheduling page

      That deactivated slots where available in the scheduling priorities

  • Fixed a couple of bugs regarding supervisors

    • supervisor booking request expired too early

    • The sum of hours for supervisor booking was not updated when request was updated

    • Wrong information was sent out in by mail when updating a supervisor request.