Feature Improvements in TE Exam

In the last release of TE Exam we implemented a few feature improvements. The improvements are in production from fri 13h of may.

Get a better overview of which rooms that have scheduled Exams

To get a better overview of scheduled exams in room booking view, you can now filter and sort by exams. Improvement is made in two ways; added quick filter for rooms to filter out rooms with or without an exam and added sorting possibility in the data table

  • It provides easier management and an overview of which rooms have scheduled exams

  • Optimize room utilization by quickly filtering out rooms that are empty and can be canceled or booked.

Information about what campus to attend as a supervisor

For supervisors to get a better overview in the view for pending and accepted booking you can now see what campus your booking relates to.

  • Makes it easier for a supervisor to know where they should be when they go to work

  • Makes it easier for supervisors to see if its possible to accept the booking

Added filter for tags in Exam view

In the exam view we added at filter for created tags so that you can filter and sort out exam from created and added tags