TE Plan 8.26


Fill factor from other object type.

Admin -> TE Plan -> Fill -> New row Multiplier -> Target. Example Activity has factor to be used on Student group.

Example: The row Multiplier is used on Studentgroup by the value is taken from Activity object.


Setting to sort rows on "Additional info" column, default enabled.

The rows in TE Plan are per default sorted on the content in "Additional info"-column so when the user enters text the rows will be resorted automatically. This can be disabled under Customize -> Layout -> TE Plan -> Sort: Additional info.


Setting for placeholders. Hide rows that has no objects in them.

Customize -> Layout -> TE Plan -> Show placeholders.

Placeholders enabled. The row “Course Event” is a placeholder.
Placeholders disabled. The row “Course Event” is not displayed.




Display of period names.